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Friday, December 31, 2010

One of the many reasons...

One of the many reasons I take pictures is to paint them.  I started seriously taking pictures about 3 years ago, but before my first DSLR, I had a Samsung point and shoot.  I began taking pictures of flowers and natures in macro mode on it and quickly realized I needed more...but I started capturing those types of photographs because I loved to paint them.  I am an extremely novice painter, therefore, I needed help-or in other words-something to look at!  The pictures I am posting are the real photograph, and then my painted version.  I wish I could find my older ones to show a comparison over time...They could have actually been painted by my daughter, who is 5!  I really think that photography and studying various forms of art has really improved my ability to understand form and style, whether it be with photography or painting!  Happy looking.

This is the actual photo.  A friend asked me to come photograph her garden over the summer.

This is the painted version.  Please be kind in your comments!  Remember I am a learning novice!!!  
This is all for tonight...as it is New Year's Eve...Check back tomorrow for a new post for a new year!  Lots of change I hope, for 2011!!!
Take Care!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Snow

Our area in Kentucky saw a decent snow on Christmas Eve this year.  After all the family happenings and sicknesses, I finally, on Monday, caught a few moments to get out and capture some of the Christmas snow.  I got out around 2:00 in the afternoon, temperatures around 27/28 degrees.  I am not a huge fan of cold weather, so I bundled up-hat, coat, and gloves...I had forgotten my boots!  So quick thinking led me to ( I am at my Mom's house)  a Wal-Mart sack and put on with a rubberband holding around it...I was just really looking for things that were unique and enhanced or made beautiful by the snow...I captured a few icicles, footprints, etc. and then decided I would hike about a mile to the back of the family farm to the woods and a pond.   NOT a good idea with Wal-Mart sacks for boots...Anyhow, I was determined there would be something grand for me to photograph back there, I even ventured into those woods by myself, no boots, didn't find much that was the "breathtaking" thing I was searching for.  I did however get tangled up in vine, thorns, and cockleberry (sp) bushes...But it was a peaceful walk and I enjoyed it.  I also ventured over to a small graveyard on the property, and got some nice pictures.  All in all, I did not capture the one awesome thing I was looking for, but I am pleased and I think I captured the feel of the day well.  On the way home, I drove by a particular bridge I like to photograph and my favorite barn and got those.   Please feel free to comment on what you like or don't like!

This is one of my all time favorite barns...

This is the vertical version...there is a lot going on in this photo...I liked how the sun was coming in from the right onto the water and tress on the left...

horizontal version

black and white version

This one is inspired from another photo...but I like it!  I like hint of color in the tree...

This one is against a tin wall, into the sun, with icicles on the roof...I liked the  vintage feel I get...

This one is the wall of the graveyard I photographed...I like the shadows and lines in it...

This photo shows the name of the folks who owned my parents house before them...Coleman's...I believe the died date is 1872...

I like how the shadows are coming in on the headstones...there are only a few left standing in there...

I did find a leaf, barely!

This was taken in the woods during my walk...with wet shoes...The only green thing around hardly!

This pic makes me cold!  I am trying to expand my shots...but I have a hard time because I think in macro!

Yes, these pesky things were not my fave, obviously I didn't dress for walking through the woods, but these were everywhere, and stuck all to my clothing!  So, how appropriate that I photograph them as part of my day!

I like the blue and brown of winter...captured in this photograph!

Again, I am trying to expand the types of photographs I take...but I just see the world up close!

Usually the area in the middle that looks like brown weeds is under water...This pond was practically dry earlier this year!

I tried very hard to capture a drop falling...I never quite got it the way I wanted...oh well!  I am sure there will be more to practice on!

I had wanted there to be more snow around the RR tracks, but no such luck.  I tried to focus on the right rail on this one to shake things up...typically focus is on the vantage point..

This is a very old church in Guthrie KY that is in ruins.  I mean to stop there all the time but it just never works out.  It really is a gem for photography, I think, especially if you are into the tattered/worn broken down look.  This photo does not do it justice!

I like how the barn is set apart from the background in this one...

Like  I mentioned before,  please feel free to comment, good or constructive, I am trying to improve and comments help!  I tried to step out of my normal realm on these and do something a little different!  It involved frozen feet, briar bushes, thorns, and cockle burrs, but I enjoyed every second! Until next time, take care!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So What...A Girl Can Dream Right?

I love that even through the front glass of the vehicle,  the reflection still shows from the hood...And btw, I am NOT doing this while driving, I am the passenger :)

To prove this is from inside my window (as if you doubted) you can see the arc from the windshield wipers!
Well, yeah, if most of us got to choose our professions, we wouldn't be where we were...or would we?  I proclaim to love my job, and by most standards I suppose I do.  But, however, if someone were to ask me what I would like to spend all my time doing, I would immediately respond...something to do with photography.  Whether it be taking pictures, editing, pictures, studying photography, or just browsing the web at some of the amazing photographers out there...but our hobby doesn't usually work out to be our profession-and well, I have to have a profession that provides for my family, so it will remain teaching. But in bringing that up, I left my house the other evening around the time of twilight to find the most amazing colors and skyline I had seen in some time.  I WISH I could have just freely stopped on the side of the road to photograph it...but I did not have my camera with me!  It never fails, the coolest things happen or naturally occur when I don't have my camera.  So I took out my iphone, and captured it best I know how, through the moving car window actually.  In the summer, my camera is like my third child- I never leave home without it, and I never hesitate to stop on the side of the road to photograph anything...I just wish I could do that more often!  So this entry is extremely unfocused and all over the place (along with this sentence apparently!), stay with me...I promise it has a point...and here it is...I should never leave home without my third child...if nothing else, I can feel comfort knowing I will have not missed an opportunity!  And to coincide with the title, yes, a girl can dream of traveling all over our country and abroad, just to take pictures.  My little summer escapades will have to suffice until other means...probably retirement...if I make it that long! SO...here are my much less than good attempts at a nice colorful sunset....

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Tribute to Fall

Since this is the last day of Fall, I decided it would appropriate to compile a collection of photos to offer as a tribute.  This Fall I had the excitement of  a great combination-a new camera and gorgeous Fall weather and striking, bold, warm colors.  Our Fall here in Kentucky was extremely mild, and offered me ample opportunities to capture it's loveliness in the fullest!  I am going to include a few of my favorite Fall photos as a tribute to the beautiful Fall I experienced in 2010.  

This one was taken in September, the very first set of photos with my new camera.
                                                         I really enjoyed the color in the leaf!
                                                 Ahh, Mums!  Who knew they could be so pretty?

 This was at a pumpkin patch I took my girls too...notice the detail in this one~  The field is full of pumpkins!

                    Some type of gourd, and I like how the background came out!  I love beautiful bokeh!

 Again, nice color on these next two leaves.  I really like detail, and the second leaf really has it!

          On this one I was excited to catch beautiful sun rays coming through the leaves! (top right)
 This one also has intricate added bonuses :) ...Notice the tiny spider web where the stem connects to the leaf!

                                                                  An array of warm Fall colors!
 This picture is very special to me...not hardly a week after I took this picture of my engagement ring (had 10 years) the diamond fell out.  This picture will be a memory for me :(
                                                   I liked how the light is coming in on this one!
 I really like this one.  It is so peaceful~a little bit of Spring colors mixed with Fall surroundings...it is like combining new age and old age all alike!
        This one may be one of my all time favorite photos...I included this one in an earlier blog as well.
 This picture was a spur of the moment shot.  I was dropping my daughter off one morning-around 6:45, and noticed this beautiful foggy morning setting.  It is handy to always have your camera!
 These two are of a Fall snow, which I think appropriately lead us into Winter, which begins tomorrow officially.  This snow happened on the day after Thanksgiving-a rarity for us in Kentucky.
                                   I hope you enjoyed this tribute to Fall, on it's final day in 2010.