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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Part 1 of Catching Up-Tulips!

Woohoo!  I survived April-by far the busiest month of the year for me so far!  To keep my sanity, I did what I love and took a lot of pictures when I could!  I am just now getting time to really go through them and "dissect" them so to speak.  My first post is going to include Tulips! I have been obsessed with them this year...This desire stemmed from my interest in Cheekwood Botanical Gardens last year, during the time of year when their Tulip Garden was in bloom.  I made a point to remember-next year, photograph Tulips, which I had never attempted, or oddly enough, not even given attention to.  My ultimate goal was to drive to Cheekwood and take some photos of their beautiful Spring flowers and Tulips, however, life got in the way :)  I drove around my surrounding areas/towns and found some beautiful Tulips in Russellville Kentucky's town square.  And of course, I had to buy some of my own Tulips from Kroger!  I have always thought Tulips were not "fun" to photograph, because they were so plain.  I challenged myself to think of the Tulip as not just plain, and attempted to try to create something very elegant and timeless.  I still wanted to keep them simple, as they are, but as you will catch me saying, in my teaching job as well, "take something ordinary, natural, and common, and create something entirely new, extraordinary, and unique."  I hope you enjoy them, as I did.  A gorgeous piece of nature, something I hadn't taken the time to notice, has taken my breath away. I am a little sad that most of them have faded now, but I definitely will plan to photograph them from now on!

I love the deep violet color of these Tulips!  These I found while driving, pulled over, and took the picture!

I love the color on this one as well!  

I tried to photograph more than one flower at a time!  

I really like how the sunlight was shining through!

Different view :)

This is one of my all time favorite photos, I love how this Tulip caught droppings from the flowering trees, and was partially open, as if to show what it had caught!

rain droplets

This one begins the Tulips that I bought from Kroger.  It hadn't opened all the way just yet.

This one I laid in the bird bath to add some water and reflection...

Not much left of this one, but still simple and interesting...

I hope you enjoyed these.  I plan on redecorating parts of my house using some of these photos as inspiration, and wall decor.  I will be posting another blog soon, hence the title, "Catching Up, Part 1." Until next time, take care!

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