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Friday, April 22, 2011

Catching Up-Nature Version

April has been by far the craziest month for me yet in 2011, it always is at school!  However, I have managed to find some time to unwind by indulging in some flower photography.  I have searched high and low for a beautiful array of Tulips, and have yet to find what I am looking for, but I did find some gorgeous Tulips in small town Russellville, KY.  I am hoping to travel some in the next couple of weeks to either Cheekwood Botanical Gardens or The Biltmore Gardens in North Carolina.  I look forward to sharing what I find!  I hope you enjoy this version of "catching up."  I also have been busy photographing my daughters and a few other lovely people, whom I will post later :)

This leaf is not exactly "Spring" material, but it has many little stars which add a "celebrity feel" to this leaf :)  I found this gem while hiking in my grandparent's woods...isn't it lovely!

Another beauty I found in the woods...this is actually a very small flower, bluish/purple in color.  I enjoy it in black and white also!

Finally, Tulips!  I shot these on the side of the road in someone's yard...Couldn't resist!

This photograph is one of my all time favorite flower photographs.  The colors are so pretty and I like the overall composition and feel of it...

This reminds me of the flower on one of the Twilight books...

This photo is not perfect, but is nice to look at :)

I also love these next couple of shots...the Tulips caught  droppings from the trees in their petals, so subtle and pretty!


I thought this was an interesting view of a dandelion :)

Purple Iris :)

Flower, Reflection, Droplet...heaven :)

Nice view/angle of this flower...


I hope you enjoy these photos.  I certainly enjoyed taking them.  I hope in the next couple of weeks to get to travel, and I can't wait to share more!  I do have a personal post coming later, and hopefully, a new lens to showcase/review as well!

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