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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Change in Roles...

 So, the photographer changes roles, and becomes the photographee... Wow, perspective!  It is a difficult job being on the side of the camera being photographed...  My husband and I (for the first time ever) went out together taking photos and hiking.  He took my old Canon Rebel Xti, and I had my 7D.  Every so often, we would trade, and he would snap a photograph of me...I first resisted the idea, but then, thought about doing some of the same things I tend to ask people to do, practice turning my head/eyes in different directions, I could be my own guinea pig!  In my teaching career, I have found it is helpful to put yourself in the student's shoes sometimes, do the things you ask them to do, to offer a different perspective and allow you to better understand how to improve something...so I wanted to do the same with photography-I thought as long as he wanted to take pics, I might as well make it meaningful, so I tried out different  poses, facial expressions and so on.  My husband took the shots, and I did all the editing.  As you look at these, please don't be harsh-I have hardly ever had my picture taken (I am camera shy!)  I am used to being the one controlling the shot-(which was difficult while editing, btw~) I found it very difficult to not be able to see myself and know which way I needed to be!  With each shot I will go over different things I was attempting!  I will also post a few of an upcoming post from my shots of that day!

I wish I could have changed my shoulder angle here...brought the right shoulder around to the front a little more...or, tilted my head back further...

Wind blown look!  The wind was super crazy that day.  I had actually just bent over and came back up-I was attempting to catch my hair out of my face with a wind blown look, turning my head into my shoulder and trying to bring my eyes back to the camera...I thought this was kinda hard!  There are also a lot of shadows in this photo-no flash!

Yep, the husband gets an appearance!

This is also another goofy thing ( in my opinion) that I tried...

I was trying to pull my chin down and eyes up-I like that part-I cropped out my body in this one.  I think he did a good job of focusing on the eyes, and so I went with that in the crop.

This is such a classic thing you see in pictures, resting the chin on hands,  but my hands don't look nearly relaxed enough...

If I had to pick one that I actually like, this one would be it :)

This was just a natural pose I did, playing around.  It looks so much better than some of the others (to me) because I look natural or at ease, playful maybe even!

The next few are some action shots :)

Yes, my feet were soaked!

Capturing the next shot...

I love the lighting in the next couple.   These "weeds" make beautiful subjects!

I am currently sketching this one out to paint later this week!
This one was found all around the creeks...I believe I am correct in calling it a Trout Lily.

I thought these green moss covered rocks in the creek looked like glowing emeralds.  So pretty!

So this isn't a typical post-but a little perspective and insight never hurts anyone!  I had a blast and cannot wait for my next hiking/photography adventure!  Look for a full post of my nature shots in the near future.  Take care!

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