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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Has Arrived, In Every Fashion

It is here friends! Spring, finally the flowers return, and along with it, allergies, sickness, and being crazy busy beyond belief with school work!  But my sanity is kept through my camera, which has been at work as well.  I adore Buttercups, so of course they have been in the lineup, as well as my girlies!  I also discovered a few lilac colored flowers in my backyard and as a sure sign of Spring, captured them as well.  My apologies friends and followers as I haven't posted in a while, but life sometimes gets in the way!  I hope you enjoy!

I enjoy the black and yellow contrast with this photos.

I like the antique treatment on this one, as well as the attitude!

I love to capture the sweet moments!

This is a photo of the "Supermoon"  Unfortunately, it was cloudy !

I love the detail and intricateness of even weeds :)  Pay attention to detail!

I love the purple/green Spring color combinations!    

This one has a nice contrast and lively vivid color.    These were flowers growing naturally in my yard.  I was so happy to find them!  

I was just happy to find flowers!  They are slowly starting to make their appearance!

Love these white Daffodils! 

My sweet modeling my new antique finds!

This photo is my personal fave from the shoot...I cannot put my finger on why, but  I get an angelic feel from this!  

A long road ahead...

I have been noticing the wheat fields as I drive back and forth daily on my roads.  I love the "personality" the wheat seems to have-playingfully whipping back and forth, swaying, the gorgeous rich color-  I thought she looked well-put in it, with the antique dress!

As we are now officially into Spring-I am elated.  I cannot wait to see what the Spring/Summer seasons hold!!!  Thanks for having a look!  Have a great night!

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