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Friday, March 4, 2011

Repeated Random

Yep, it's random again, and that is a pretty good explanation of me!  I have been so busy lately that I am trying to squeeze some photography in every little second I find!  Therefore, this post is extremely random and all over the place! Nothing like keeping it interesting.  I am not going into a lot of explanation at this point, as I will offer insight with the individual pictures!  Enjoy!
I love this photo.  It is actually from last summer and is very abstract.  It is the "off focus" part of my photo. I focused on a tiny part and then cropped it out, so that only the bokeh is what is seen.  I have printed this and it looks fantastic!

Oops!  I think I posted this before, but perhaps it belongs...It is a shot of clouds, totally abstract...I have plans to paint this next!

This shot is only flipped 180 degrees.  It is a sunset photo that I thought had a really interesting appeal like this.    You can use your own interpretations, have fun.  Maybe I will share mine one day!

This is a photo from the beach, July 2010.  I applied the same processing and just flipped it 180.  These type photos lend themselves to me.  It takes horizon to a whole new level.  I really enjoy thinking about the possibilities with this.

This was taken on a Sunday afternoon from my front yard.   It is interesting to ponder that here we sit among this technological genre, or age, and I still get to sit and view this from my yard.  I guess that explains no high speed Internet at my house!

This "scene" appealed to me one afternoon n February.  It is actually a turtle sandbox, minus the sand!  It is filled right now with water, and Fall colored leaves.  I thought it was neat to capture the trees the leaves fell from in the reflection of the water.  Just kind of a neat moment.  A lot going on here really...

Ahh, the iphone surgery that recently occurred!  This, my friends, is the inner workings of the iphone, 3GS!

This is an example of the tiny screws.  My daughter has magnetic rocks, and this is one in which we put the screws on to ensure none were lost.  In real life, this magnet is about an inch long.

This was a peaceful afternoon.  My first Spring flowers, not to mention one of my fave flowers!  I can' t wait!!!

I plan on printing this one. It reminds me of that peaceful afternoon-amist the crazy, wild day I had, I found this to bring comfort!

This has to have a story, right?  I drive a little country road everyday.  It is called Old Railroad Lane, as it once was the railroad from Elkton to Guthrie KY.  I drive it everyday from home to my parents house to drop off my daughter.  Upon the ending of this road, is Old Allensville Rd.  Here an older gentleman lives and has always had Peacocks.  I have passed them so many times with camera, and they do not have their gorgeous feathers spread, or rather, I have passed to witness their magnificent feathers, and had no camera! But, however, on my peaceful Buttercup photo afternoon, on my drive home, I slammed on my brakes, in the middle of the road...rolled down my window and began shooting this glorious bird!  Finally!!!

So, I will leave you tonight, on a positive note, Spring will be here so soon, and so will my favorite photo seasons!  Some of these photos, to me, invoke thought, which is peaceful to me.  I hope you enjoy them!   Take care and goodnight!

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