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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Recently my iphone met it's doom-me!  I dropped it and broke the screen.  Long story short, my husband tried to fix it, and had gotten the wrong part and now-no iphone for me for a while!  I had decided to not be upset about this, after all, it was just a phone, right?  Ha!  I miss it like I would miss my right hand!  I miss being able to constantly be "in the know," or seemingly having the world at a finger's touch.  But I have found most of all I miss the camera.  I miss the comfort of knowing I always have a camera, I don't have the risk of missing a shot or opportunity.  This was a very strange realization to me!   Suppose I should go buy a cheap point and shoot to keep at my side at all times, just in case-kind of like a security blanket! :)  Following along the same topic as this post, last week on the way home, I was so thankful I had it with me!  I witnessed one of the most beautiful skies I think I may have ever seen.  It had  amazing color and cloud variations.  I think it literally took me an hour to drive a 20 minute drive.  I kept stopping and snapping different views, backgrounds, and it was ever changing as well!  That afternoon, I was kicking myself that I didn't have my Canon 7D camera.  But today, I am thankful I had at least my iphone camera!  You just never know what you appreciate most, until you no longer have it!  Having said that, I am posting a few pictures from that afternoon.  Keep in mind the quality is that of my iphone rather than my Canon camera.  But I really enjoy looking at them regardless.  I hope you enjoy them also!
Take care!

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This is actually a huge field. If you look  closely, there are two silos in the bottom right corner.

This is one I plan to try to paint soon.  I might attempt oils!

This one was taken from my yard.  Finally home, but I had to jump out and take a couple more pics!

This one is from a different day and time of day.  Still a beautiful sight!

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