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Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Flowers

Flowers. Enough said.  Anyone who follows me in the least knows flowers are my game!  Each flower shoot is a challenge to myself to take it to the next level, try something different, push my skills/learning to the limits, create something unique that one would consider art.  Inspiration-I can't put my finger on it...  When I am given the opportunity to shoot flowers, I just sink into another world.  They are no longer flowers, just an opportunity to create something new out of something already beautiful.  I like to bring out imperfections, make them beautiful.  I love Georgia O'Keefe, and from time to time I can really capture her style in my photography.  Others who shoot flora art are also an inspiration.  I love to constant study those who are better, and examine what they do.   Having said all of that, I hope you enjoy these next few photos.  I have purchased a Spring bouquet from Kroger and took them outside on my front porch, attached my flash and homemade diffuser. Some of them are natural light, some are with my flash.  I personally really like these because of the light, yet vibrant colors.  Some of these at first glance, took my breath away...but after I have looked at them over and over, the perfectionist in me has torn them apart.  I hope as first lookers, you like them, just as I did at first glance.  
Enjoy, and take care!
This is on an old patio chair.  I love the repetition, patterns, vibrant color contrast with the fade....

I really like the background on this one!  Contrasting colors, softness...

This one is really neat...lots going on here!

I faded the color on this one...it is not natural, but I like the treatment!

I like the focus here!

My Georgia O'Keefe inspired flower.

This was one of the breathtaking ones...what do you think?

I liked the tree in the background.

I like the focus/composition of this one a lot.

What I think I like about this one, is the little pink flower underneath the yellow.

Possibly a fave, my buttercups are coming up!
I thought I would end with the sprouting Buttercups.  I have probably never noticed this before.  Here in the midst of the historical winter storm, and our snow-ridden Winter here in Kentucky, is this little tiny sign that yes, Spring is on it's way.
Goodnight friends and followers!

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