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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This and That

Hello!  Today's post is very random.  In the last couple of weeks, life has been random.  Ranging from a seemingly ton of snow, a lot of time at home with my girls, some work here and there (teaching), fantastic weather/sunsets, and another round of Kroger flowers!   I can't really say a lot about this post as a whole, so I will just share them and comment on each photo.   I hope you enjoy!
Sweet baby girl!!!  I love the simplicity of this photo!

She was sitting in feathers...little did we know-this was about the last good shot here...turns out, she didn't like feathers!

These next few of the baby girl are special to me...I have never gotten to photograph a sleeping baby-my own included!  She was the first!

Night snow shot...really wasn't planned, just went out and it looked like a neat shot-so back inside I went to grab my camera...

This was taken at night with my 7D.  I used a bounce flash off the  white siding on my house to illuminate the ice and berries.  Again, not planned, but interesting!

I sat this flower in the corner of a window on a snow day.  I love the natural effect the white snow/sunlight has on this photo.

This one is possibly a favorite of the flowers... I really like how the tree through the window looks also...

Yep, nothing like being 5 and catching your first snowflakes on your tongue!

I like how the tree reflected on the snow...I was longing to travel to take pics on this day, but again, my yard had to suffice!

If you are a friend of mine of FB, then you have seen the "unlikely pairs!"

This is an extremely difficult shot for me, I didn't have the equipment necessary to take care of the extreme light and harsh shadows, but sometimes, they still come out worth looking at :)  This one, I think, is just pretty, and nice to look at, which is sometimes what it is all about to me!

details, pay attention to life's details...

I like to think of this as very abstract, and very much appealing to the eye.  It is actually a holly berry bush's leaf, covered in ice.  I thought it was just simply interesting, and as a photo, could pass as something you might hang on the wall...who knows?

So, this is it for now.  It is a sampling of what my camera has been capturing lately.  With warmer weather approaching and Spring around the corner, I hope my camera gets a heavy workout!!!  Can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead!  Take care, and goodnight!

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