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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Good Day

A good day for me is a day with my camera.  Well, that isn't entirely true, it is a day in which I have my camera in my hand, and am photographing something I love.  I had two of those kinds of days this past weekend!  On Saturday, I woke up around 6:15 or so, and looked out my kitchen window.  I think my jaw literally dropped.  I had to get outside and capture the gorgeous sunrise, so I did!  Usually I am in route to work and don't have time to stop and "seize" the moment!  What a great start to the day!  Later that day I had the joy of spending the first warm day in a long time at the Jeff Davis Monument with my girls.  I took my camera and made some great, natural pictures of them playing.   Then as we left it was nearing sunset and I could tell it was going to be amazing, so in keeping with my theme for the day, I began looking for a magical spot-no such luck with that.  However, I did get home just in time to catch a couple of shots, not the best, but representative, and fulfilling of my purpose in keeping with my photography-theme Saturday :)   So I began the day with a sunrise shot, shot my girls throughout the day, and finished off with a sunset shot to close my day.  I will end this post with a few shots of my day-documenting my fun.  The next post will include Sunday's fun-flower photography!  
My sunrise...

Refusing to look!

The Mom in me loves this1

I love this one.  This is trendy and so her!
My loves!
She said, "Hey Mom, how about this?"

I love the contrast in the orange leaves and spectacular blue skies!

I really like the colors in this one!  One of my favorites!!!

This was the best shot I had at a full picture of the monument.

This spot is one of my faves...quiet and simple...and pretty green!

The view of the skyline at my house is not all that attractive, but the powerlines sometimes work

So, for me, photographer hobbyist/mom, this was a fantastic day-start to finish.  Next blog, possibly best flower shots with my 7D!  I can't wait to share!!!

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