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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Simple Shots...back to basics!

Usually, I blog with a purpose in mind, a theme, if you will!  Today, I want to share photos I simply like, so I blog :)  I went out yesterday morning, for just a few minutes, 11 degrees, and did so, for one reason, a pretty snowfall.  There was still an ice-type coating of snow left on the grass and tree limbs, which, in sunlight,  is one of the most beautiful sights to me.  A snowstorm had passed, and left us in the morning with gorgeous blue skies and sun shining on a blanket of white snow.  We got around 2-3 inches, which barely even covered the grass.  I took my 7D out, AV mode, filled with excitement in hopes for that great close up shot.  I never really thought I achieved what I was searching for, but I came out with some just "pretty" shots, that are just my style.  I have recently been shooting "out of my realm," attempting some full, landscape type things.  When I went looking for artsy, macro type stuff, I felt at home.  Things came natural, angles, perspectives, focus, etc.  I was in my element-just unfortunately, in my backyard! :)  Two things are killing my photography right now--1) location, I need new ones, and 2)  I need a new lens.  I am hoping with Spring around the corner, I can get new subjects and locations, possibly some travel, and a new lens.  I cannot wait to shoot flowers and new growth!   I will leave you with a few photos that I personally like.  I feel like they represent me and what I like:)
I think I will print this one!  

This was how gorgeous the sky was!  I wish I could have gotten better detail of the snow here....

Something different...

I like this lone piece of grass!  I also love how intricate the actual snowflakes are and the fact you can see an individual snowflake blows me away!  This image, though, shows my need for a macro lens!

I like how the snow looks like diamonds sparkling! Very pretty!

I hope you enjoy them!  Snow is in our forecast for a few days next week also, so check back for more if that is your thing!  Maybe next time I will travel someplace and bring you something different! Take care  friends and followers!


  1. Ok Pam I think that you should take some of your shots and turn them into blank cards! I would so buy some! I love your work!!

  2. Thanks! That is a good idea! Thanks for reading :)