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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Only Takes Ten Minutes...

It only takes ten minutes...that is what you hear on everything...Just get in a little walking...10 minutes at a time...organize this or that...it only takes ten minutes...Well guess what???  Want a few snow pictures in the cold???  It only takes 10 minutes!  Lol!  At the end of my last blog, I mentioned that I hoped to get some more snow shots.  It did snow, just a little dusting (around an inch at my house.)  Since my children and I were enjoying a snow day together, we went out in the snow for a bit.  The last time I took snow pictures, I ventured out into my parent's farm in the snow and had a fantastic time-it wasn't too cold, no wind, and I got a lot of nature shots.  Today's snow outing was brief, as it was windy and very cold.  My girls do not like the cold as well as they think they do, and we ended up going inside after about ten minutes~but that was enough time for me to capture some photos of them playing and a few holly berry pictures!  I am in love with my camera again, for the beautiful crisp shots of my daughter's eyes...I can't do them justice by a photo, but I can sure try! Hope you enjoy this post...Be sure to keep up with me, as I have video to post soon...there is something so moving about putting photos with music...

Yes, this plant is exactly this green!  And this is a testament to the "powdery" snow we got according to the weathermen!

I love how her colors pop against the white snow...

I love how vivid the colors are!  I love my camera!

This picture and the next show how crisp this 7D makes photos...and I am only scraping the surface of what it can do!!!

I love my two year old's eyes, I always try to draw attention to them when I take pictures of her...it is extremely hard to get her to look at me when I have a camera!

Holly Berry tree...one of the only things in my yard to photograph!

This one is a little more blurry than what I like, but I do enjoy the composition on it!
Until next time, stay warm & take care!


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  1. Gorgeous!! I want a hollyberry 8X10, the first one. I love it.