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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011

Hello 2011, I hope we have a great year together.  I have had a reflective, thoughtful first day of the new year, and I HAD to take some pictures...If you know me or follow what I love to photograph, you know what is ahead...FLOWERS!!!  I found a fantastic deal at Kroger on a bouquet, so I jumped on it!   I have been obsessed with reflections lately and I knew we had an extra mirror around the house...so I found it and put it to use!  I laid it on the floor in an area that would include some color from the red walls of my house, so that, if I wanted to frame any of the pics, then they would be somewhat coordinated.  I played around with different settings, angles, moved the mirror, different  flowers, etc. and took many different types of photos...I also tried to bring in some sentimental items also just too add a little more.  I was also shooting in manual working improving indoor photos with my flash.  I set these photos up in a corner by my front door which is white, so that I would have a white wall to bounce the flash off of.  I also tried taping a 4 x 6 piece of photo paper around my flash so that I could aim it directly at the flower and bounce it off the top of the white paper and down onto the subject.  These are some strategies I have recently read about and wanted to try them out.  I really like these photos, because some of the strategies worked out well, and these are just some gorgeous flowers.  They will most likely have to be thrown away tomorrow, but for tonight, I very much enjoyed them.  Just a final tip...if anyone ever wants to get me anything and can't figure out what to get...you cannot go wrong... getting me flowers! 

I thought this was a very pretty flower, with the mixed colors!!!

I really like the reflection on this one...

I really like how this one shows a little of the underside of the flower in the reflection...I think all sides of the flowers are gorgeous and interesting to look at!

I love where the focus is on this one...may not be one of the best, but I like to look at it!

This one ties in a child's pearl necklace that is a family piece.

The light on the left is actually a lamp reflecting in the mirror...I left it as I thought it added a little character to the photo...

I just really liked this one, no particular reason.

I hope you enjoyed these.  I had a lot of fun photographing them and worked on some skills while doing so.   If you are a friend on FB, there will be a few more posted on there also.  I hope 2011 is good to all of you!  Until next time, take care :)))

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