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Friday, December 31, 2010

One of the many reasons...

One of the many reasons I take pictures is to paint them.  I started seriously taking pictures about 3 years ago, but before my first DSLR, I had a Samsung point and shoot.  I began taking pictures of flowers and natures in macro mode on it and quickly realized I needed more...but I started capturing those types of photographs because I loved to paint them.  I am an extremely novice painter, therefore, I needed help-or in other words-something to look at!  The pictures I am posting are the real photograph, and then my painted version.  I wish I could find my older ones to show a comparison over time...They could have actually been painted by my daughter, who is 5!  I really think that photography and studying various forms of art has really improved my ability to understand form and style, whether it be with photography or painting!  Happy looking.

This is the actual photo.  A friend asked me to come photograph her garden over the summer.

This is the painted version.  Please be kind in your comments!  Remember I am a learning novice!!!  
This is all for tonight...as it is New Year's Eve...Check back tomorrow for a new post for a new year!  Lots of change I hope, for 2011!!!
Take Care!

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