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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Tribute to Fall

Since this is the last day of Fall, I decided it would appropriate to compile a collection of photos to offer as a tribute.  This Fall I had the excitement of  a great combination-a new camera and gorgeous Fall weather and striking, bold, warm colors.  Our Fall here in Kentucky was extremely mild, and offered me ample opportunities to capture it's loveliness in the fullest!  I am going to include a few of my favorite Fall photos as a tribute to the beautiful Fall I experienced in 2010.  

This one was taken in September, the very first set of photos with my new camera.
                                                         I really enjoyed the color in the leaf!
                                                 Ahh, Mums!  Who knew they could be so pretty?

 This was at a pumpkin patch I took my girls too...notice the detail in this one~  The field is full of pumpkins!

                    Some type of gourd, and I like how the background came out!  I love beautiful bokeh!

 Again, nice color on these next two leaves.  I really like detail, and the second leaf really has it!

          On this one I was excited to catch beautiful sun rays coming through the leaves! (top right)
 This one also has intricate added bonuses :) ...Notice the tiny spider web where the stem connects to the leaf!

                                                                  An array of warm Fall colors!
 This picture is very special to me...not hardly a week after I took this picture of my engagement ring (had 10 years) the diamond fell out.  This picture will be a memory for me :(
                                                   I liked how the light is coming in on this one!
 I really like this one.  It is so peaceful~a little bit of Spring colors mixed with Fall surroundings...it is like combining new age and old age all alike!
        This one may be one of my all time favorite photos...I included this one in an earlier blog as well.
 This picture was a spur of the moment shot.  I was dropping my daughter off one morning-around 6:45, and noticed this beautiful foggy morning setting.  It is handy to always have your camera!
 These two are of a Fall snow, which I think appropriately lead us into Winter, which begins tomorrow officially.  This snow happened on the day after Thanksgiving-a rarity for us in Kentucky.
                                   I hope you enjoyed this tribute to Fall, on it's final day in 2010.

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