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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Trip Through Photo Lane

Ugh...ever have one major stress go away just in time for a new one to slip in?  Well, that is the story of my life...At least that is how I  "perceive" it...whatever it may be...when I am in need of stress relief, I turn to photography, hard music, or a good run-tonight, it is a combination of wild crazy screaming music and a stroll through iphoto-only flower/artsy stuff...As I am strolling through, I have repeatedly come back to two particular photos, one of which I can't decide exactly why I like it, so-I guess plain and simply put, is peaceful!  The other one presents evidence of the tremendous beauty that there is in life, if you just look hard enough-my mindset tells me I can find something beautiful and positive in anything, which I suppose is exactly why I unconsciously began my walk-searching for something to help me realize tonight-that yes, I am feeling stressed, but quit focusing on it...check out something positive and beautiful to focus on rather than my worries...having gotten that OUT, let me share my photos...
 So I had just finished taking the girls' Halloween pictures, and I look down, and in the middle of all the Fall colors, leaves on the ground, sunset projecting an orange glow, here are some lovely lilac colored flowers.  I immediately thought I have to capture this-for one reason--the only flower I had seen in a month to photograph were Mums, and two...it was simply stunning.  I took several shots of just the flowers with the background blurred to project the "Fall glow," but then, while lying on the ground, I thought it would be appropriate to blend the farm background in...for I was at my parent's house, on their farm, capturing a view I had seen my entire life, looking out my bedroom window.  Kinda surreal...very peaceful, and altogether on of my favorite photographs!
And this one...ahhh...I love it!  It represents much of what I love about flower photography...Ok...top reasons I like this one...True black/white colors based on shadows and true light...reflection-one of my favorite captures, love the detail...tiny veins within the rose petals (something I had truly never noticed until this very moment), and the very curvy beautiful shape of a flower...I love the femininity of a flower...and it also looks like angel's wings...which I needed to see on that day!  I really struggled with the "sepia" tint versus the true colors...I finally went with the sepia as it showed a better aspect of the makeup of the photo...Yes, I manipulated nature...took apart a rose, and played around with the petals, but I think something beautiful was created with it...I dunno :)  Another blog is soon to follow-as a lot is on my mind!  Look forward to "de-stressing" with you again soon!

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