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Monday, December 13, 2010

Second Shot Photos...

I had the opportunity to second-shoot a wedding with Bailey Visual Life Photography in October.  I enjoy photographing weddings-even though it is A LOT of work... I love the creativity that a wedding lends itself to-a personal style so to speak.  I was shooting this one with friend/co-worker from around 7 years.  I kind of grew into photography through this person as well, so it was a a really fun day with a fantastic couple/group of people to work with.  All of the pictures have been given back to the bride and groom-and so now I wanted to share some of my photos that were captured this day.  Let me set this up-beautiful fall day-colors were perfect, outside wedding at the bottom of a huge hill in south Clarksville.  Young couple, small wedding party, a lot of details, and yes, leaves falling-very pretty!  Remember, I was a second shooter, so I ended up getting a lot of different angles/perspectives than the main shooter...these were just a few of my favorites from the day...This was one of my favorite events/sessions I have ever done...

The people came to deliver the cake, and I happen to be the only one around...so I had them set it inside and I went to work!

 This shot was taken around 10 or so in the morning...beautiful light and nice warm Fall colors against her...I loved it...this balcony is where the dj was set up, so I did not have a lot of room with out moving his equipment...
 I wanted this one to show off her gorgeous hair!  I also like how soft the light looked against her and the dress!
    It is hard to tell in this one, but leaves are falling all around her.  It was really nice!  She is also overlooking the bottom of the hill she is going to be married on.
 Hands down, maybe my favorite...
 Flowergirls always steal the show...these were especially adorable!
 This one is also a neat shot...the bride is about to walk down the "hill of an isle" with her Uncle who is in the service.  She will meet her father half way, and the uncle carries her dress the remainder of the way.  What I like about this shot is you can see the setup and guests below.  And again, the gorgeous colors!
                 This was a ceremony shot taken during a prayer.  Something about it I liked!
                                                      Nice ceremony shot of the hands.
 The magical kiss after the famous words, "I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride!"
 I thought this little girl looked so adorable blowing her bubbles during the ceremony.  I had to catch it!
                                                             The standard "jump."

        Notice on this one my angle, I am from the side-main shooter was in the middle...I think this was                      in-between shots...

 I liked the blurred on the outside of the frame and left the inside alone...could have significance :)

 The couple liked taking pictures, so they dug up some old cameras...the main shooter set this up, and was over to the right catching the brides face...I got the groom's angle!
 I was really not satisfied with these at all, but they do have some of the beautiful fall colors in with the detail of the dress...which was gorgeous by the way!

 Yes, I put a leaf on her dress...I wanted to draw attention to the long trail of buttons on the back of it...and again, keeping with the fall theme.
For this one, I really wanted to incorporate this chair...the bride made it just for photographs, so I thought what a better way than to somehow put her dress with it...
I hope you enjoyed these!  I have been dying to share for a while.  Maybe tomorrow I can get back to what I like best...outdoor photography...possibly some snow!

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  1. Amazing work as usuall. I have loved watching you grow as a photographer. Your eye has always had it's own look and that's what makes you style so great. Loved every picture in this set.

    Oh and I had a lot of fun working this wedding with you. For once I didn't feel stressed about missing a shot. You captured everything I missed. Matter fact you caught a lot of things I never saw. Hope we get to do it again. --Bo