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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So What...A Girl Can Dream Right?

I love that even through the front glass of the vehicle,  the reflection still shows from the hood...And btw, I am NOT doing this while driving, I am the passenger :)

To prove this is from inside my window (as if you doubted) you can see the arc from the windshield wipers!
Well, yeah, if most of us got to choose our professions, we wouldn't be where we were...or would we?  I proclaim to love my job, and by most standards I suppose I do.  But, however, if someone were to ask me what I would like to spend all my time doing, I would immediately respond...something to do with photography.  Whether it be taking pictures, editing, pictures, studying photography, or just browsing the web at some of the amazing photographers out there...but our hobby doesn't usually work out to be our profession-and well, I have to have a profession that provides for my family, so it will remain teaching. But in bringing that up, I left my house the other evening around the time of twilight to find the most amazing colors and skyline I had seen in some time.  I WISH I could have just freely stopped on the side of the road to photograph it...but I did not have my camera with me!  It never fails, the coolest things happen or naturally occur when I don't have my camera.  So I took out my iphone, and captured it best I know how, through the moving car window actually.  In the summer, my camera is like my third child- I never leave home without it, and I never hesitate to stop on the side of the road to photograph anything...I just wish I could do that more often!  So this entry is extremely unfocused and all over the place (along with this sentence apparently!), stay with me...I promise it has a point...and here it is...I should never leave home without my third child...if nothing else, I can feel comfort knowing I will have not missed an opportunity!  And to coincide with the title, yes, a girl can dream of traveling all over our country and abroad, just to take pictures.  My little summer escapades will have to suffice until other means...probably retirement...if I make it that long! SO...here are my much less than good attempts at a nice colorful sunset....

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