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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Reflection...So to Speak...or...type actually!

So I am trying to sink into a reflective mood as the end to the year nears.  Especially with photography.  I feel like I am just not getting near out of my new camera as I should...so I am sinking myself into knowledge and research.  I am also looking within, to see my skills over time...however, tonight I became distracted.  I knew what I was looking for as I thumbed through my ext. hard drive, but when I came across it, a bit of sadness overcame me...I was searching for the first "set" of pictures I took with my DSLR (my first nice camera Canon Rebel Xti)...not the ones as it came straight out of the box, but the first ones I went out to accomplish something with.  I remember this day so clearly.  Sydney and I were having a girls day out.  There was no Adrienne, not even thought of at the time, and Sydney was always so much fun to take out.  I decided to swing by Sonic, and then head to Riverside Park in Clarksville and let her eat and play, and if I were lucky enough, she would be in a decent mood to take some pictures...She was precious.  Posing on her own, so excited by the "big water" as she called the river.  I loved every second of that day...and was so happy with the pictures I took.  In fact, I have some of them framed still today.  But over time I forgot about this particular day, and all the little moments that made it special...until today.  I have literally shed several tears tonight looking at them.  The expressions on her face, her chubby toddler fingers and toes, her breathtaking smile, and the memory I have of that day.  I am so happy to have all of those pictures...Not for reasons such as tonight, to compare my photography skills to that of three years ago, but just to remember, and to feel.  My couple weeks shy of two years old in that picture is now a big Kindergartner with a little sister.  Those days at the river (actually referring to days of just one little girl) I literally cannot remember...but looking through these photos took me back and provoked that feeling of just me and Syd :)  SO-here are some of my first attempts at nice photos...I needed some for my walls!  And I am going to compare them with some of my last with my Canon Rebel Xti, who is retired at the moment :)

As you can see, most of these still "look" like my pictures (to me anyhow)  I guess a person has a style, and that will be evident through whatever lens, whether it be an iphone, disposable camera, or a 7D...the following pictures are from my last time out with my Rebel...I knew my new camera was coming in the mail, and I wanted to see what I could get out of it one last time...I was pleased both as the one taking the pictures and as a Mom looking in...

What a difference three years makes??  Wow!   The biggest difference I see in these photos is a portrayal of life...not just sit here and smile :)  They all seem to have some personality in them,  and several little photography aspects are better.  They are sharper, better composed, I know for a fact the the first set I am sure I shot in automatic-before I realized I would never get any better if I stayed there...if fact, about a month later I know I denied myself the use of automatic...The last ones were of course shot in manual, some had a flash, etc.  This entry also proves that a camera does not make a person a good photographer.  Yeah, both sets of shots are cute, but I can tell much more skill was involved in the second set.  And, a real photographer would look at these and laugh most likely! :)  You must work at it, study it, practice, etc.  I still have SO much to learn and so much to improve upon...can't wait to see what is ahead!  Anyhow, as this entry has become way to long, and I have taken two days to get it together-so I hope you don't fall asleep after reading this!  I can't wait to see where my 7D takes me...I wonder what I will be reflecting on three years from now...

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