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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kinetic Photography

Ok-I have tried several times to get this post up tonight...let's hope this one is a go!  I am extremely intrigued by kinetic photography-NO SKILL by the way, it is all in the toss, or movement!  I am not brave enough to throw my (new to me) new Canon 7D camera into the air, so I held onto the strap, and threw my camera to see what I got...I would never go as far as to say it is a nice picture-but I am enjoying looking at it, and am very anxious to see what this field holds...seems kind of neat!  Go to flickr and search kinetic photography and you will get several "good" examples!  Mine are just for fun :)   I do plan on doing more of this...seems very light-hearted...and that is where I am tonight!

All of this is very abstract and like I mentioned, mine is very simple.  There are very complex examples of this type of photography out there, and it is really something out of the ordinary to view!  Good night friends and followers!

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