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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Worthy Cause

A picture collage of these beautiful, precious girls!!!  See more at the bottom.

Hey folks!  I don't usually use my blog for any commercial-type activity, but I feel this is important enough to do so.  A friend of mine is in the process of adopting two girls with Down Syndrome from the Ukraine.  They are in the final stages and preparing to travel there in about three weeks.  They are in need of monetary help!  I am offering a photography session for them to raffle off, in hopes of raising money for them.  The session details are as follows: A 2 hour session, local location of your choice, you have until the end of 2011 to use it, it can be any type other than wedding (engagement, family, birthday,child, senior, maternity, etc.). The possibilities are endless! Surprise me!  These sessions are not limited-as many outfits as 2 hours can fit, as many people, and of course, location of your choice!  You will receive a CD of at least 150 images and will have full ownership of rights to do with whatever you please!  I am very excited about this as I will get to meet a new client and help out a great and worthy cause as well!  Below I am going to post a few pics from different types of sessions I have done, followed by a picture of these sweet, precious girls.  Please help my friends, they are so deserving and have fought long and hard with this battle.
Thanks in advance.  Please, if you need any photos at all, take time and buy a chance on a session!  Also, to help raise awareness of Down Syndrome, I have listed a couple of websites also!

Follow Jennifer's journey at,
www.jlane-journeywiththelanes.blogspot.com  (Jennifer's blog and story)

http://buddywalk.org/   (A site where donations to Down Syndrome can be made)

http://www.ndss.org/   (National Down Syndrome website)



Child session

Senior session






Family pics/maternity

Christmas photos

Family Session

Family session


So precious! Help bring me home!!!
Please help me get home!!!
It is beginning to snow outside, so as you know, there will most likely be snow pictures soon!  Please consider buying a chance, it is a great way to help out!!!  Please help this family come together!

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